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Welcome to POCA (Pantera Owners Club of America).

Thanks for stopping by, Welcome to POCA, we are dedicated to supporting Pantera owners and the owners of all other DeTomaso models in both the United States and Internationally.   On this website you will find extensive information about Panteras, technical data, albums with pictures and videos of Panteras, user forums, and information about POCA events. Each of the 22 POCA chapters (we're always growing) around the world have pages on this site with their contact information and meeting schedules. 

Kick your driving shoes off and spend a few minutes looking around the website.  There's lots to see in the public area and once you've become a member, a whole new menu becomes available to you with a hundred times more information than is accessible to you as a visitor.  You don't have to own a Pantera or any DeTomaso car to join the club, simply being a fan and wanting to learn more is just fine with us.  You'll get all of the same benefits as members, except maybe the smell of burning rubber and rush of wind past your left ear at speed.  You may even find one listed for sale here as well as great tips if you are looking to find a car and how to inspect it once you've tracked one down.  Enjoy the website, we're all here to help you enjoy your DeTomaso and Pantera experience to the max.    Michael Shortt, President, POCA.

 Welcome Qvale Mangusta Owners
POCA is reaching out to all DeTomaso  owners and the first group to  be welcomed aboard are Qvale Mangusta Owners. All of us are excited to have you in the club and helping us keep the spirit of Modena alive.  It's a special car which offers something few others can match, THREE cars in one, it's a Hard Top Coupe, a Roadster and a Targa.   Learn more about the car by checking out the Qvale Mangusta Catalog now located in the Technical Biblioteca.
Due to erroneous information shared by a member, your information is completely safe in this system, if you have changed your address to something silly, you have ensured that will will not receive a Newsletter or Profiles, costing the club $3.00 and $6.00 respectively per issue.  Please correct your addresses to reflect your actual mailing address. Meanwhile the ability to look up any member has been turned off until everyone learns to adjust their own settings (which you could always do)  Here is a direct link to adjust your settings for visibility in the membership directory.
1660 Was Finally Called in on the Carpet
Enjoy a photo series with captions taking you through the complete removal and installation of new carpeting.  Relax and read this indoors with a tasty beverage,  because when you actually do the deed, it needs to be outdoors with lots of fresh air. Contact cement baby, contact cement, you'll be smiling for days. CLICK HERE
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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
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