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Welcome Laurie Basile, New POCA Profiles Editor.

Effective June 2oth, Laurie Basile was named the new interim Profiles Editor for POCA, we are very pleased to have her replace Mike Haney who unexpectedly resigned earlier this month. She brings a wealth of experience to the job, here's a bit about her ( be impressed, we were):

I would like offer my help and let you know of my interest and qualifications for this position. I am a retired secondary school teacher with a good deal of experience writing and editing.  I served as the Editor of the Inclusion Department Newsletter for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Prior to my teaching career I worked for a prominent international fine jewelry estate company in Beverly Hills, CA.  I served as the inventory controller for a multimillion dollar inventory and handled important clients worldwide, many famous personalities in the entertainment world, and was involved with negotiations and layouts for our advertising. Several of these clients are well known people in the automobile world.
With regard to my POCA affiliation and affection, I have owned my GT5 Pantera and have been a member of POCA since 1998 and of Team Pantera Racing since 2000. My car was the recipient of the President's Choice Award at my first POCA Fun Rally attendance in 1998. To date, I am the only female to have successfully completed both the Silver State Race and Nevada Open Road Races in a Pantera. I served as National Vice President of our POCA Club for six years from 2001 on.  Through these years I have developed wonderful friendships with our members and excellent relations with our vendors.  I have other club affiliations as well and attend auto related events on a regular basis.
In the past I have written articles for both our POCA Newsletter and Profiles Magazine. I am a habitual picture taker and enjoy covering the many events I attend including the Fun Rallies, Concorso Italiano, Pebble Beach Concours d'elegance, Long Beach Grand Prix, LA Auto Show, SEMA Show, auctions, and local events.  As a plus I patronize many auto museums such as the Petersen where I have recent photos of Elvis' and the Ring Brother's Pantera from the collection of Richard R. Rawlings/Gas Monkey Garage, the Nethercutt, Justice Brothers, Automobile Driving Museum, and the Auto Museum of San Diego Mission Park.  In my travels I am able to network with other Pantera owners, conduct interviews, and obtain relevant information of interest.  
I welcome the opportunity to assist the Club and serve in creating an exciting magazine for us all.  Thank you for considering me for this important position. - Laurie Basile
Laurie takes over with the next issue (July) after #3 of 2016, I've seen it and Mr. Haney did another fantastic job. Another change coming with Laurie's first issue #4 will be FULL COLOR!  That's right, we're changing printers, the new printer will be delivering a 52 page, full color magazine, on thick 100 pound glossy paper, with an even thicker 100 pound weight glossy cover.  Look for the issue to have a completely new look, lots of Chapter information, a ton of rich photography, amazing feature stories and be delivered in a weatherproof, plastic mailer.

2016 POCA East Coast Rally OPEN
Registration is now OPEN for the 2016 East Coast Rally being held in Savannah, Georgia between Sept 29th and Oct 2nd.  Simply Click the Link in the Events Calendar on the top right of this Home page. There will be something for everyone during these 3.25 action packed days: Track Day, Rally, Car Show, Live Show, Oktoberfest, History, Shopping, and Food so good you may want to reach out to my real estate agent to have her find your next house.  Mark your calendars now,  sign up and count down the days!
Pantera Electrical Wiring Diagram
The Electrical Wiring diagram for the 1971-1974 DeTomaso Pantera has been added to the Technical Biblioteca on the lower menu for POCA Members.
Please note it is a large Jpeg file of 41MB and may take a few minutes to download depending upon your internet connection service speed.   You may elect to have it printed at approx 26" x 20", it is scalable, so  I would suggest 36" to make it much easier to read.
DeTomaso Race Suits/Shoes
NOW Accepting Orders
        Are you ready to show your Detomaso Colors on the track?  Now you can, POCA is pleased to announce the availability of single, double, and triple layer Nomex driving suits and Racing shoes in our colors with our logo.  Suits are made to order in your size and in one of our three team color combos (9 possible suits) and require 3-6 weeks to be delivered (Made in the USA) . Shoes are available in Black and White.  Visit the President's Blog and look for the one entitled "DeTomaso Race Wear" for details.
Hello POCA Member, are your prospects looking less than bright? Are you flustered at every turn?  Would knowledge help you feel empowered?  If you answered YES to any of those questions, you may be the student we're looking to recruit.  Learn how to use this website with Professor Stockett ( ssshhh, I understand it's an easy A). Student loan rates are favorable and we are  Vet friendly.  Please visit the campus today by clicking on POCA University in the Members Only lower menu.


Using Your Camera/Smartphone
to Recruit New POCA Members
 A recent comment/complaint was made regarding the new POCA Membership Tri Fold Full Color Brochure, it stated that there was no provision to have them fill out a form and mail it in with a check like in the 20th century.  If you gave them the old black and white form,  you hoped they would mail if they didn't lose it, spill something on it or throw it away with all the other loose papers in the car after a weekend out visiting car shows, shopping, etc.
             But what if your camera was also a cellphone and what if it had a connection to the internet?  Why then you could pull them aside and make sure they joined "On The Spot" by being a Super Recruiter and asking them to put away their checkbook and pull out their credit card and smartphone. Then you could show them our really cool website and walk them through joining "On The Spot" for real.  No hoping they would fill it out and mail it, no waiting, just BAM, a new POCA member. PLUS you're positive you are going to be listed as their sponsor to qualify for your own FREE Membership Dues opportunity in the "351 Plan".  After they have signed up, you could guide them through the website, show them how it works, the cool resources it has to help them work on their car, learn more about their car, and get to know more about the club.  
             So the next time you're at a Car Show, Concours, Race, or just a parking lot and somebody asks you about the car and the club, whip out your phone and sign them up instantly on the website built for the 21st century and beyond.
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